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AHC Library Holdings
The AHC Library will have a database of all the books in stock, organized in categories by subject matter, available to members for check-out. We will always have copies of the listing available at the library table from now on so that people can use it as a resource.

Partial List of Library Holdings

~200 Miles on the AT
~Appalachian Hiker II
~Appalachian Trail Conference Member Handbook
~Appalachian Trail yearbook 48 to 98
~AT A Journey of Discovery
~AT Backpacker Trail Proven Advice for Hikers of Any Length
~AT Calling Me Back to the Hills
~AT National Geographic Society
~AT Wilderness on the Doorstep
~ATN Magazine Trail News Several
~Backpacker Magazine Guide to the AT
~Blind Courage
~Exploring the AT Hikes in MidAtlantic States
~Geology of AT in PA
~Guides to Log Lean-To Construction
~Hiking the AT Vol I,II Rodale Press
~Katahdin to Springer Mountain
~Long Distance Hiking Lessons from the AT
~Me and the Boy, Journey of Discovery, Father and Son on the AT
~Mountain Adventure Exploring the AT
~New Appalachian Trail Appalachian Hiker III
~Season on the AT, An American Odyssey
~The Appalachian Tale, Adventures of the Poetry Man
~Through Hikers Handbook 1994: Guide for End-to-End Hikes of the AY with Town Maps
~Trail Design Construction And Maintenance
~Walk in the Woods
~Walking the AT
~Woman's Journey

~ At Guide in Pa & ToPo Maps
~ At Guide New York to New Jersey Book & ToPo Maps
~ At Guide Tennessee-North Carolina & ToPo Maps
~ At Guide to New Hampshire-Vermont & Maps
~ Black Forest Trail Topo and Guide
~ Bucktail Path Guide and Map
~ Chuck Keiper Trail
~ Conostoga Trail Guide
~ Delaware Water Gap Kittatinny Trails South #15, #16
~ Donut Hole Trail
~ Elk State Forest Hiking Trails
~ Golden Eagle Hiking Trail Brochure
~ Green Lane Park Trails Montgomery City Park
~ Hickory Run State Park Hiking Trails 15 Page Brochure
~ Horse Shoe Trail Guide and Map
~ John P. Saylor and Lost Turkey Trails multiple info.
~ Kelly's run Pinnacle Trail PP&L Brochure
~ Lehigh Parkway TrailBrochure
~ Loyalsock Trail topo and Guide
~ Mason-Dixon Trail Overview Brochure and Update
~ Mid-State Trail Brochure
~ Minnewaska State Park Hiking Map & Info brochure
~ Old Loggers Path Topo Math
~ Pinchot Trail System: Topo Maps
~ Promised Land Trail System Big Map
~ Quehanna Trail Topo Map
~ Schuykill Trail Phila-toValley Forge Bikeway Brochure
~ Stoneyridge: A crag Climbers Guide
~ Susquehannock TrailGuide and Maps
~ Thunderswamp trail System Topo Map
~ Trails of Green Lane Park
~ Tuscarora and Link trails Guide
~ Tuscarora Trail North & South Trail Guide Books
~ West Rim Trail
~ West Rim Trail Guide & Topo