Allentown Hiking Club
9-1-19 7:45 am | Hike
Some Thing Different
Some Thing Different Bike 15 miles and hike 8 miles. D&L Trail, various trail Lehigh Gap Nature Center
Starting at Cove Rd D&L trailhead we will bike 7.5 miles north to Lehigh Gap Nature Center. There we will Hike 8 miles with a elevation gain of 1300' on various trails with great views of the Leigh River ! Once back to the Osprey House we will bike back 7.5 miles to the D&L trailhead. Bring a trail or Hybrid bike in good working order. Spare tire tube. Helmet. Minimun 2 liters water snacks sunscreen insect repellent Cable lock for your bike good hiking shoes. Options A do just the bike ride. 15 miles B. do just the Hike 8 miles 1300' elevation. start 9:00 am C. all of the above. CHOOSE C
Round trip road miles distance: 15 miles
Hike / bike / on-water distance: 8 miles
Hike rating: C
Meeting place: Cove Rd D&L Trailhead Laurys Station 40.7339824,-75.5293281. Bike Ride 8844 Paint Mill Rd Slatington, Pa. Lehigh Gap Nature Center Ospry House
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Leader: Kyle Conrad 215-840-3737
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