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Our Club
The Allentown Hiking Club was formed in December 1931. As our bylaws state, the aspiration of this club is to escape the crowded city; to walk, hike and climb for enjoyment and exercise with nature loving companions; to maintain its section of the Appalachian Trail; and to stimulate public interests in every phase of nature and the outdoors through programs and lectures.

The club is sponsored by the Allentown Recreation Bureau and is a member of the Keystone Trail Association and the Appalachian Trail Conference. We maintain 10.3 miles of the Appalachian Trail, including two backcountry shelters, Allentown (north of New Tripoli) and G.W. Outerbridge (west of the Lehigh Gap).

The AHC meets the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the St. Timothy's Lutheran Church meeting room, 140 South Ott Street, Allentown, PA. Meetings are held to discuss previous and upcoming outdoor activities, which include hiking, walking, backpacking, climbing, cycling, and canoeing, just to name a few interests of the club members. Also discussed are reports by club committees, correspondence from the past month and any other business pertaining to the club. After-meeting activities include members slide shows, movies, equipment demonstrations or presentations by local organizations.

Club dues are a mere $10.00 per person per calendar year, or $15.00 for households. Funds are used for the printing and mailing of the Newsletter/Schedule, book and video purchases for our library, miscellaneous dues, needed trail maintenance equipment, and other expenses. Newsletter and activities schedules are mailed to club members on a quarterly basis.

Although we encourage membership in our club, you do not need to join to participate in a hike or two, or to check out a monthly meeting.