Allentown Hiking Club
7-14-19 10:00 am | Hike
Loop hike at Tuscarora State Park
8 miles loop hike around the lake
This is a loop hike around the lake at Tuscarora State Park. There are no significant climbs and the trails are well maintained. There are two stream crossings and some areas may be muddy. Please bring 2+liters of water and lunch/snacks and wear sturdy hiking boots.

Trail map can be found here:
Hike / bike / on-water distance: 8 miles
Hike rating: C+
Meeting place: Tuscarora State Park; 687 Tuscarora Park Road, Barnesville, PA 18214

I've found that mapping apps don't get the street address correctly placed on a map. There is a large sign on Tuscarora Park Road at the park's entrance. Enter the park and keep driving straight to the very far parking lot.
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Leader: Paula Uhrin 484-951-4299
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