Allentown Hiking Club
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Our Mission
Members of the Allentown Hiking Club aspire to escape the crowded city; to walk, hike and climb for the enjoyment and exercise with nature loving companions; to maintain its section of the Appalachian Trail; and to stimulate public interests in every phase of nature and the outdoors through programs and lectures.
What We Do
Allentown Hiking Club is sponsored by the Allentown Recreation Bureau and is a member of the Keystone Trail Association and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. We maintain 10.3 miles of the Appalachian Trail, including two backcountry shelters, Allentown (north of New Tripoli) and G.W. Outerbridge (west of the Lehigh Gap). We offer hikes and other outdoor events, open to the general public and led by experienced club members and other local experts.
Join Us!
Club dues are a mere $10.00 per person per calendar year, or $15.00 for households. Funds are used for the printing and mailing of the Newsletter/Schedule, book and video purchases for our library, miscellaneous dues, needed trail maintenance equipment, and other expenses. Newsletter and activities schedules are mailed to club members on a quarterly basis.
Upcoming Events
Our July Monthly Meeting will be a Zoom Meeting and we will discuss restarting club sponsored hikes and the policies for safety going forward. The annual Club Picnic has been moved to August 5th at 6:00 PM at Franco Park. We will be resuming our regular meeting schedule at the church in September.
Sunday June 28th is a Maintenance Hike. We will initially meet at the far end of the parking lot at the Thunderhead Lodge (formerly the Blue Mountain Summit Inn) and then break into groups of 3 to 4 to maintain social distancing. Please make sure to bring a mask and gloves.
We will still have our picnic at Leaser Lake but you will have to bring your own lunch. Another option is to order a meal for takeout from the Thunderhead Lodge and bring it to the lake. Don’t forget your chair.
We are planning on having a Newsletter sent by Aug 1, 2020.
Keep your eye on our Website and Facebook page for further updates and stay safe.
AHC News
Guidance in the COVID-19 Era
Whether hiking, bicycling, riding on horseback or participating in motorized recreation nearly everyone uses trails for a similar goal - to spend time outdoors. This time outside, whether a short walk down a paved trail to work in an urban setting, or a high to appoint reachable to only a few Americans makes trail users happier people. We all know that spending time outdoors could improve our personal health in many ways like less than anxiety, decreasing depression, first and creativity, and increasing optimism.
But during this time of crisis, not all recreation is responsible.

Check out more in the online version of our newsletter, The Happy Hiker

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