10-15-17 8:45 am | Hike
Jim Thorpe – Gravity Railway & Tunnel (3-D-14+/-) Fall Foliage Hike!
While there are often hikes in this area, we’re going a different route than normal. This is the perfect hike to visit the historic side of Jim Thorpe. We’ll be visiting several old mining areas along the top of Mt. Pisgah, which was top mined in years past. Now it’s a fascinating place where you can truly appreciate how Mother Nature has an amazing way of recovering the ravaging’s of humans. We’ll follow the route of the removed tracks that were installed to bring the coal the Lehigh Canal. It’s these tracks that were used later to draw tourists to the area after the coal started to dry up. Today, it’s recognized that Jim Thorpe had the first every roller-coaster in the world. During our hike, we’ll climb a long run of stone steps built by the locals to climb the mountain so they could get their mining jobs in the next valley. And not to be missed, we’ll be going up the path known as the Gravity Hill Trail. Carved out of the side of the mountain this trail starts at the edge of Jim Thorpe, and rises 610+ feet in 0.4 mphs. What a blast! Lastly, we’ll also be stopping at an old mine tunnel to give people the option of exploring it.
We will need to keep the group together throughout the day, so please make sure you can maintain a 3.0 mph average pace. As you can see, this hike is for adventurous hikers only. Hope you can make it!
Hike / bike / on-water distance: 14 miles
Hike rating: E
Meeting place: Please contact the event leader
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Leader: Brian Miller 732-289-5506