Allentown Hiking Club
2-24-18 9:30 am | Hike
Merrill Creek Reservoir Hike - 5.5 miles
5.5 mile Hike around Merrill Creek Reservoir in Washington NJ.
Let's take a walk at Merrill Creek Reservoir. Be prepared for sections of the trail that may be wet and/or muddy so wear appropriate footwear. Bring lunch to eat with a stop at the nature center. Driving and trail conditions will be considered. Heavy rain or ice cancels Clarification on meeting places: The McDonald's we are meeting at is in the 25th Street Shopping Center in Easton/Palmer Township. If you are meeting at Merrill Creek Reservoir, we will be meeting at the Fox Farm Road parking lot and stop at the Visitor Center for a snack or lunch halfway through our hike.
Round trip road miles distance: 26 miles
Hike / bike / on-water distance: 5.5 miles
Hike rating: B+
Meeting place: Parking lot near McDonalds in Easton at the intersection of Routes 22 and 248 (25th St.)
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Leader: Michelle Hinkle 484-221-3172
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